Master Class

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Paul Kitson will be hosting and teaching perhaps his very last Dirty Dancing Master Class here in London!

This class will be jam packed with new moves not yet showcased in the weekly Non-Stop Dirty Dancing sessions including the famous walk-down at the end of the movie plus nailing the technique behind that lift.

The class is limited to 50 spaces only so make sure you secure yours now by booking your ticket at the early bird rate of £25.

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Start: April 27, 2018 Finish: 7:15 pm - 9:15 pm

Master Class #1



Hosted by Paul Kitson

As you may or may not know Paul will be moving to LA permanently later this year for some super exciting projects and huge step in his career.  Sadly, though, this means the big man will no longer be with us in 4-5 months, so now is the time to make the most of what he has to offer.

Paul will be hosting and teaching perhaps his very last Dirty Dancing Master Class here in London and Pineapple has given him a huge studio in which to do so.  However, spaces are still limited to 50 only, so make sure you grab your place now!

What’s in Store?!

A note from Paul: “I have never done this for a Master Class before; so it’s going to be really fresh!  The walk-down is almost as famous as the iconic lift and is the unison piece of choreography at the end of the movie; a real eye-catching number. The movie version has subtle differences to the stage version and you are going to learn a combination of the two!  It will not only move down stage but will encapsulate many of the steps we do in class as well as fresh off the boat steps that I have yet to offer.

We will also nail the technique behind that famous lift and I really want to get as many of you flying as possible.  I will give you everything I’ve got.  It will be on point!  Can’t wait to see you.”