Slow Down the Ageing Process; Dance

Slow Down the Ageing Process; Dance

At 48 I am now beginning to notice the inevitable ‘bingo wings’ taking residence on my upper arms as well as (and, at my tender age, I am lucky here I know) the odd silver hair making an appearance in a head of naturally dark brunette hair.

Am I worried about the ageing process; not particularly as I still feel as though I am in my twenties with all the experience of a 48 year old, which is just fab. However, my body sometimes baulks nowadays at the speed with which I try to do things.  So, would I like to slow down the ageing process, absolutely if I can because I have too much still left to do, and creaky old bones is not going to cut it!

How pleased do you think I was then, when I came across an article by Justin Brown on Ideapod that considers what the best exercise is to slow down the ageing process and puts forward research that shows that dancing, my favourite type of exercise, actually can do this – yippee!

Let the good times roll and let’s all dust off our dancing shoes and take a spin around the floor and leave Old Father Time to do his thing without us as we age gracefully, flamboyantly and brilliantly via the dancefloor.

For the full article by Justin Brown, click here, it is well worth a read.