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Private Tuition

Paul Kitson provides private tuition in London and all over the world.  Due to his unique experience, being the first British performer to play the leading role in the hit west-end show: Dirty Dancing, he is in great demand both as a dance teacher and choreographer.

Paul tailors each session specifically to suit your needs, wants and goals. He teaches small groups of up to 5, in private studios, taking them through vigorous non-stop dance workouts which include classic Latin and Dirty Dancing steps to the original movie soundtrack.

He also teaches intensive 1-2-1 technique classes, focusing on Latin style dance steps and specific choreography from the movie / musical.

As mentioned, all Paul’s private tuition is tailored to each individual to enable you to reach your dance goals.  For example, he was recently asked to devise a very particular stretching routine for a client, to enable them to achieve greater flexibility, breathing, tone and strength.

Paul has taught at a variety of private functions for clients around the globe. These, again, are tailor made to suit, and are very often a surprise for a birthday, event or VIP.  He has circled the world teaching everywhere from Ibiza, Italy, Spain, Dubai, USA, Africa and India in every kind of space you can possibly imagine: yachts, villas, stages, private homes, studios, theatre’s, TV, news shows and even aeroplanes!

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