Want to learn authentic dance moves from the ultimate dance movie; DIRTY DANCING?

In this exclusive dance class, you will sweat, hip-grind, mambo, cha cha and sweat some more …

It’s a dance class for all levels, yet challenging and addictive!  You will leave euphoric, on a high and humming ‘Hungry Eyes’.

What you’ll get from Non-Stop Dirty Dancing!

The Benefits / The Vibe

  • Healthy Body & Mind

    Dance is not only fun it has a wide range of physical and mental benefits too.  It can improve the condition of your heart and lungs, increase your muscular strength and aerobic fitness as well as helping to improve your general and psychological well being, giving you greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Creative & Fun People

    Paul Kitson, the original Johnny Castle in the west end production of Dirty Dancing, will be your teacher and along with other Dirty Dancing superfans you will have ‘the time of your life’!