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“We’re an eclectic bunch from all corners of the globe; brought together by a love for the story that is Dirty Dancing!”

Paul Kitson (Our English) Founder/Instructor

Timing is everything in this life and we only get a few opportunities to catch the best wave in but, back in 2006, I fortunate enough to do just that.  Eleanor Bergstein, the writer/creator of Dirty Dancing, auditioned me in London for the role of Johnny Castle in the debut West-End Show; Dirty Dancing – The classic story on Stage.  I was invited back eight times to convince Eleanor and her creatives that I could walk in those shoes, the late graceful legend – Patrick Swayze.  At this stage he was still with us and, as always, working tirelessly on his craft.

The show completely shattered expectations and broke world records, selling £15 million worth of tickets before opening night, and open we did, to full houses for two years straight and beyond …  This movie, this show, has a tremendous power of connection through dance and it’s soundtrack.  Thirty years on, it holds strong as probably the most iconic dance movie of all time; because we can all relate.

Whether I am teaching a class, master class, private one-to-one or a huge televised event, I give everything, nothing less than 100%.  I am all in when it comes to this piece of art, this story, this movement, this music.  It has and continues to teach me so much if I am willing to see it and feel it, which is everything we do here at The Time of Your Lives.  We want you to feel the relentless passion and gift this movie and other dance movies intended.

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Sammie (Our Aussie) Executive Administrator

Dirty Dancing aired when I was a teenager and I believed so much in the magic of Johnny and Baby, that I fell in love with dance, life, and its endless possibilities, which is essentially the message the movie conveys. 30 years on, with the legendary Paul Kitson for inspiration, I get to relive that same magic each and every week by attending non-stop Dirty Dancing classes at both Pineapple Studios and Danceworks.

Paul’s energy, positivity and enthusiasm is all encompassing, so I jumped at the opportunity to join the Time Of Your Lives Event Team. It is an absolute honour and privilege to be part of something so special and work with such an incredible group of individuals who share the same drive, passion and vision for the future of Dirty Dancing.

You’re never too old to have the time of your life!

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Dani (Our Greek) Events Organiser

I was always genuinely curious about community issues, diversity, integration and finding the real meaning of life, which was the reason I moved to London.

Twenty years later, I was introduced to Paul.  He started telling me all about this project, passionately explaining the story to me touching on all the layers; how it’s all about dancing together and learning from each other and living your life as you want without following any social rules as well as having integrity and personality in anything you do.

Now I get it and it made me believe anything is possible, even an elevated true love!

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Alice (Our English/African) Marketing Whiz

I have always had an active imagination and still believe in magical creatures and lands beyond our reach (hence my tribute to Wonderland’s Mad Hatter!), which has my daughter constantly rolling her eyes!

When I first watched Dirty Dancing, many moons ago, I was transported to this summer resort where the viewer is drawn in to the normalcy of an American summer vacation with all the usual family squabbles but despite that a real life fairy tale was unfolding and by the end of the movie you just had to believe that everyone can have their fairy tale ending whatever the odds.

Since then, like so many others, I have watched the film over and over, never tiring of the Johnny and Baby story that reinforces my belief, with each rerun, that anything is possible and that happy ever afters really do happen!  Well I’ve waited a long time for my fairy tale ending to come around and it finally has.  Meeting Paul and being a part of this with the rest of the team on The Time of Your Lives is a dream come true; it really is the time of my life!

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