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Think workout clothes! Ladies: Nothing too baggy but breathable (it gets hot up in here). Trainers/ Sneakers are fine for class but a Jazz shoe from BLOCH (www.blochworld.com) are great for this class, generally retailing at £17 – also bring a small towel and a bottle of water! (you will need it). Men: Similar breakdown, we would recommend a vest or t-shirt up top. Try and get there a few minutes early, we start on the dot!

Weekly (Non-Stop Dirty Dancing) classes are an ALL / GENERAL level and you don’t necessarily need any dance experience/ training, although it does help to perform the technique if you have prior dance background.  Pineapple Studios class is slightly faster and more advanced compared to the Danceworks Studio class (but there is not much in it and if you do both you will experience that).  We always welcome people to watch if they wish before trying, but you can never really feel what you get from the class unless you jump in and give us your best mambo.

Please make the instructor aware of any necessary medical/physical condition that may cause any distress/pain/delayed symptoms/interference for you and/or fellow dancers in the room before the class.  Without any notice or prior warning we cannot be responsible for you – so let us know and we will always want to give you the green light, pending the condition.

Of course we want you to get the most out of class which is designed for every minute within the hour, but hey, we all have busy lives!  Just do your best to be a few minutes early and get your money’s worth, but if you’re late, just jump in and find a place.

For more information drop us a line at hello@thetimeofyourlive.com.  We look forward to seeing you.