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Calling all you guys out there, this dance class is not just for the girls!  This is the best workout you will ever have; works every muscle in your body and strengthens the core.

Kyle Moore
A great workout!

I was looking for a fitness class to complement my Latin dance training and I found Paul and his non-stop dirty dancing class. So pleased I did, I have never had so much fun keeping fit.

Aimee Collins
So much fun!

‘Non-stop Dirty Dancing’ is exactly what it says on the tin; constant movement, constant Swayze-worthy tunes, and constant access to the brilliant dance tutelage of Paul Kitson … you even have the opportunity to practice The Lift of Dreams before you put yourself – crumpled – in the corner. (Can you tell I’ve spent my entire life wanting to become Baby?)

Lela - London
Exactly what it says on the tin!

This is most fun you will have losing weight!  This class is amazing and also the best way drop a couple of dress sizes.  In three months I have dropped down to a size 12 and have enjoyed every moment of losing the weight.  Who’d have thunk it!  Paul Kitson, you are the best.

Jane Perryman
This class is amazing!

Paul Kitson, the first British actor to play Johnny Castle in the west-end production of Dirty Dancing, has brought together a crack team of dance movie superfans,
who share his vision of bringing the ultimate dance classes and immersive event experiences to dance movie fans everywhere.

If you enjoy dancing and want to take it to the next level our dance classes and events are for you.  Join us for the time of your lives; it’ll blow your mind!